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can we talk about this smile?

We can always talk about this smile. I love his smile so much.

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Fall is coming! Yisssss.


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"Whenever I’m confused about something, I ask God to reveal the answers to my questions, and he does.”
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remember when u were 9 and u were carrying ur little razor scooter and it would hit ur achilles and it felt like the earth was collapsing

I can’t even explain how right this is

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CHEAP Black to Red DIY Ombre Tights Tutorial In Under 1 Hour!

I needed ombre tights for RWBY’s Ruby Rose and I didn’t wanna go online and buy like a freaking $39 tights… Sooo here’s a tutorial for tights that was under $10 :) And the best thing, besides how cheap it is, is that you can do it in any color you want :D 


  • 1 pair of white tights (got mine at Target for $5)
  • 1 box of 8oz scarlet red RIT dye powder
  • 1 box of 8oz black RIT dye powder 
  • (both of the dyes were from Michaels with a 50% off coupon so it was about $2.50 for BOTH)
  • rubber gloves
  • something to stir your tights with that you don’t care about like wooden chopsticks, plastic knife, etc.
  • bucket & bathtub OR sink (depends on how messy you’re allowed to be cause the dye WILL stain if you don’t do anything about it)
  • cleaning supplies like Clorox bleach or something for your tub/sink (honestly I don’t care who you are, CLEAN UP after yourself… No one wants to walk into a restroom where the shower/sink is all colored up…)


  1. Try to follow the directions on the RIT dye box as much as possible if you can. First wet your tights with hot water. Keep that to the side for now.
  2. I filled my bucket with hot water up to about where my tights could float freely pretty well. Then I was lazy and didn’t want to figure out how much dye to put in, so I just poured in the whole red packet in LOL. Also keep in mind to put your bucket in the bathtub, cause dye could splash around.***
  3. I put my tights in and stirred that sucker for 10 minutes straight. After 10 minutes were up I rinsed my tights with hot water gradually making it cold water until the water ran mostly clean.
  4. Now for the ombre part. Mark off where you want your ombre to start by tying a knot. 
  5. Clean your bucket and repeat steps 1-2 with your other color.
  6. Dunk your tights in to a little bit under where your knot is. Now this the tricky part to explain. while your hold your tights in one hand keep dunking your tights in and out (pics 3-4) so that the dye doesn’t stay in one place the whole time. With your other hand gently squeeze out the dye from under your knot, so once again the dye doesn’t just settle there. Do this whole process for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes were up rinse like how you did last time.
  7. Let them dry :)

I can’t tell you how this will wash in the washing machine cause I haven’t tried it myself. To be honest I might just hand wash them though to be safe and so the colors don’t get too crazy. 

Note: ***Start with the lighter color, the darker color over the lighter color will make it easier to color as well. If you’re doing something where the hues are similar or going from white to a color, I would suggest you dunk your first color a little above where the second color would go (so you start from step 6 and repeat for second color) 

I hope that was comprehensible :x If not just send an ask and I’ll be glad to help :D 

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